Emergency Landing at Chicago O'Hare After United Airlines Engine Fire


A United Airlines flight faced a critical emergency when one of its engines caught fire, forcing an emergency landing at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on May 27. The incident occurred on the taxiway just as United Flight 2091, an Airbus A320, was about to take off with 153 people on board, including 148 passengers and five crew members.

The flight was scheduled to depart around 2 PM when passengers heard an explosion, followed by smoke billowing from one of the wings. Ivan Paloalto, a passenger who captured the event on video, recounted the dramatic moment, saying, "I felt the impact on my window. As I looked, the engine was on fire and smoke was coming out."

Emergency Response and Passenger Safety The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and United Airlines confirmed that all passengers and crew were safely evacuated without any injuries. The FAA temporarily halted arrivals at O’Hare, resuming regular operations at 2:45 PM.

An airport spokesperson described the situation as an "emergency situation" that was resolved "safely." United Airlines commended the swift actions of first responders who quickly addressed the engine fire. Passengers disembarked the aircraft normally, and the airline is working to arrange alternative travel plans for those affected.

Impact on Holiday Travel The incident occurred during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, coinciding with Memorial Day. Travelers at other major airports, including JFK International Airport in New York, also experienced disruptions due to severe thunderstorms.

United Airlines' prompt response and the safe evacuation of all on board have been praised, highlighting the importance of effective emergency protocols in ensuring passenger safety.

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