Qatar Airways: Eight Passengers Hospitalized After Severe Turbulence


Eight passengers were hospitalized, and six crew members sustained injuries after severe turbulence struck Qatar Airways flight QR17 from Doha to Dublin. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner encountered the turbulence over stormy Turkish airspace roughly three hours into its journey.

Despite the turbulence, the flight continued to Dublin and landed safely around 1 PM. Emergency response teams, including ambulances and fire engines, met the aircraft upon arrival to assist the injured.

Initial reports from Dublin Airport indicated that 12 people were injured, but subsequent assessments revealed that eight passengers required further medical evaluation at a local hospital. The extent of the injuries remains undisclosed.

Breaking: Turbulence Injures 12 on Qatar Airways Flight to Dublin Breaking: Turbulence Injures 12 on Qatar Airways Flight to Dublin

In an official statement, Qatar Airways confirmed the incident and described the injuries as minor. The airline emphasized that the safety and security of passengers and crew are their top priorities and announced an internal investigation.

The incident occurs just a week after a fatal turbulence event on Singapore Airlines flight SQ321, which has heightened awareness of in-flight turbulence safety. Following that event, Singapore Airlines revised its policy to suspend meal services whenever the seatbelt sign is illuminated.

Currently, Qatar Airways continues meal service during light turbulence but refrains from serving hot drinks to mitigate the risk of scald injuries. The airline has not commented on whether the seatbelt sign was on during the turbulence on flight QR17 or the reasons for continuing the flight to Dublin.

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