Cyclone Remal Wreaks Havoc: Kolkata Airport Grinds to a Halt


West Bengal [India] : As Cyclone Remal sweeps through the region, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata becomes a center of chaos and uncertainty, halting flight operations for a staggering 21 hours. Airlines such as Indigo, Air India, AirAsia, and Biman Airlines find themselves grappling with unprecedented disruptions, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and travel plans in disarray.

The cyclone's impact reverberates across both domestic and international routes, with major carriers forced to cancel or delay flights. Travelers express frustration over the lack of communication from airlines, highlighting the need for better contingency planning in adverse weather situations.

The closure of Kolkata Airport sees the suspension of nearly 400 flights, affecting a wide network of destinations. Indigo, known for its extensive operations from Kolkata, bears the brunt of the disruptions, with stranded passengers scattered across various airports nationwide.

As airlines scramble to manage the fallout, communication via social media and helplines becomes paramount in disseminating information to affected passengers. Despite the challenges, authorities strive to ensure safety remains paramount, with airport closures extended to mitigate risks posed by Cyclone Remal.

While travel woes escalate in Kolkata, neighboring regions such as Dhaka and Chattogram navigate the storm with relative resilience. Shah Amanat International Airport in Chattogram braces for closure, while operations in Dhaka continue unabated, offering a glimmer of continuity amidst the turbulent weather conditions.

As Cyclone Remal continues its onslaught, passengers are urged to stay informed and monitor updates from airlines and authorities, underscoring the unpredictable nature of weather-related disruptions in the aviation industry.

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