GPS Renewables and SAF One to Develop Sustainable Aviation Fuel Projects

GPS Renewables Teams Up with SAF One to Build Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plants in India

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GPS Renewables, a leading technology and engineering company in clean fuels, has announced a partnership with Dubai-based SAF One, a platform specializing in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) solutions. Together, they will develop Sustainable Aviation Fuel projects in India, starting with a facility capable of producing 20 to 30 million liters of SAF annually from lignocellulosic waste feedstock.

Advancing India's Clean Energy Goals

Mainak Chakraborty, CEO and Co-Founder of GPS Renewables, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in light of India’s upcoming mandate for 1-5% blended usage of SAF by 2027. "As India moves towards mandating 1-5 percent blended usage of SAF starting in 2027, we need more collaborative efforts to address the challenges associated with the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel. At GPS Renewables, we are committed to eliminating these bottlenecks and facilitating India’s seamless transition towards clean energy. This collaboration with SAF One is a step in that direction. We look forward to a fruitful partnership to accelerate the production of SAF and help India become a leader in Sustainable Aviation Fuel," said Chakraborty.

Leading the Charge in Clean Fuels

GPS Renewables has been a pioneer in biofuel technology and project development, including Compressed Biogas (CBG), Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), 2G ethanol, and green hydrogen. With over 100 biogas plants established, including Asia’s largest RNG plant based on Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Indore, GPS Renewables has solidified its position as a leader in clean fuel production.

Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Future

Deepak Munganahalli, Co-Founder and Director at SAF One, highlighted the growing demand for clean energy solutions in India's aviation sector. "The Indian aviation sector is poised for significant growth, and SAF One recognizes the critical need for clean energy solutions. We are excited to be working with GPS Renewables to advance sustainable aviation fuel projects in India and accelerate its adoption of clean fuels. This collaboration adds to SAF One's growing pipeline of projects globally and is a cornerstone of our strategy to support and transform the aviation sector. GPS’ extensive experience in green energy projects in India and SAF One’s expertise in the development of sustainable aviation fuels while capitalising on its principals’ track record in aviation and circular economy make for an ideal partnership," said Munganahalli.

Facilitating Growth and Innovation

The partnership aims to overcome production challenges and boost SAF adoption in India. GPS Renewables' project platform, ARYA, will co-develop the SAF facility alongside SAF One, leveraging their combined expertise to foster innovation and sustainability in the aviation industry.

Investment and Advisory Support

EY served as the exclusive M&A investment banker representing GPS Renewables in this transaction, facilitating the strategic partnership with SAF One.

This collaboration signifies a major step forward in the development of sustainable aviation fuels, highlighting the potential for India to become a global leader in clean energy solutions for the aviation sector.


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