MultiAirlines Launches in Nepal, Promising New Era for Travel Agents

MultiAirlines: Enhancing Travel Agent Capabilities

MultiAirlines officially launched its services in Nepal on Thursday, marking a significant partnership between MultiAirlines, Steam Travel Services (STS), and Travelport. This new airline booking platform aims to revolutionize the travel agency industry in Nepal with enhanced features and robust support.

Commitment to Travel Agent Success

Clifford Christopher, CEO of MultiAirlines, introduced the company’s vision with a theme video emphasizing their motto: "Your success is our destination." He highlighted the platform’s key features designed to empower travel agencies, such as the Galileo system, which provides a secure and reliable Global Distribution System (GDS). This system offers essential functionalities like accurate flight tracking, robust data security, and real-time booking capabilities. Additionally, e-ticketing simplifies the booking process, and Sold Outside Nepal and Ticketed Outside (SOTO) discounts allow travel agencies to provide clients with cost-effective travel options.

Diverse Airline Options and Cost-Effectiveness

Baibhav Bikram Rana, Managing Director of STS, commended MultiAirlines for its extensive range of airline partners, including major carriers like Lufthansa and American Airlines. He noted the platform's cost-effectiveness, which is advantageous for both travel agencies and their clients.

Integration and Efficiency

Rezbi Rashid, Senior Manager at Travelport, expressed confidence in MultiAirlines' success, citing its secure connection with the reputable brand, The Soaltee. He emphasized the seamless integration with Travelport’s systems, which promises increased efficiency and improved customer service for travel agencies.

Financial Security and Agent Control

Aashish T. Gupta, STS Executive, reassured travel agents about financial security, stating that MultiAirlines adheres to established regulations. He emphasized the platform's B2B focus, ensuring that travel agents retain complete control over client interactions, with MultiAirlines not directly contacting clients without agent consultation.

Addressing Travel Agent Concerns

During a Q&A session, key concerns of travel agencies were addressed. To build trust with clients, agents can order tickets individually with small deposits, offering greater booking flexibility. MultiAirlines is dedicated to maintaining competitive costs and providing value for customers, ensuring proper cancellation and refund services in accordance with the Warsaw Convention for weather and technical issues.

A New Era for Nepali Travel Agencies

The launch of MultiAirlines in Nepal signals a new era for travel agencies, offering opportunities to expand services and provide cost-effective travel solutions. With a focus on security, collaboration, and value, MultiAirlines is poised to make a significant impact on the Nepali travel market.




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