New Direct Flights Link Iqaluit and Montreal: Enhanced Connectivity for Residents and Visitors


Residents and travelers in Iqaluit will soon have a convenient new travel option as Chrono Aviation announces direct flights between Iqaluit and Montreal, beginning this summer. The service, operating four times weekly, aims to bridge the gap between the two cities, enhancing connectivity and accessibility for passengers.

Scheduled to commence operations on August 6, tickets for the new route will go on sale starting May 17. Dany Gagnon, Vice President of Chrono Aviation, attributed the feasibility of this service to an existing charter agreement with Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. As the company upgrades its fleet, the inclusion of larger aircrafts allows for expanded seating capacity, ensuring ample space for commercial passengers.

Gagnon emphasized the stability of the route, underlining its reliance on established contracts with mining companies. With plans to maintain the fixed pricing model throughout the year, passengers can expect consistency and affordability in their travel expenses.

The flights, priced at $699 one-way inclusive of taxes, carry-on baggage, and a meal, offer a swift journey of just under three hours between Iqaluit and the Montreal Metropolitan Airport. This competitive pricing contrasts sharply with the current rates, with Canadian North flights from Montreal to Iqaluit in August averaging around $1,600 one way.

Addressing concerns about potential price wars, Gagnon expressed confidence in the resilience of Chrono Aviation's business model, asserting their ability to withstand competitive pressures. He highlighted the strategic advantage of being a charter company, with flights already prepaid, rendering undercutting tactics futile.

While the announcement was initially slated for the Nunavut Mining Symposium, an inadvertent magazine ad release accelerated public awareness. The positive reception indicates strong demand for enhanced air connectivity in the region.

Graham Dickson, President of Arctic Kingdom tourism agency, lauded the new route's potential benefits for residents and visitors alike, emphasizing its significance in facilitating diverse forms of travel. While acknowledging potential logistical challenges for connecting passengers at the Montreal Metropolitan Airport, Dickson remains optimistic about the route's overall impact on regional tourism and business.

In addition to the direct flights, Chrono Aviation plans to offer shuttle services between the Montreal Metropolitan Airport and Dorval, further enhancing convenience for travelers. Despite attempts to reach Canadian North for comment, no response was received immediately.


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