IndiGo & Archer to Launch Electric Air Taxis in Delhi: Revolutionizing Urban Travel


In a groundbreaking development, leading low-cost carrier IndiGo's parent company, InterGlobe Enterprises, has announced a partnership with US-based Archer Aviation to introduce electric air taxis in India's capital city, New Delhi. This innovative venture aims to revolutionize urban transportation by providing swift and efficient aerial connectivity to commuters.

Scheduled for launch within the next two years, this futuristic air taxi service promises to drastically reduce travel time between Delhi's bustling Connaught Place and Gurugram in Haryana. Passengers can expect to cover the approximately 27-kilometer distance in a mere seven minutes, a journey that typically takes over an hour by road.

Archer Aviation plans to deploy 200 cutting-edge electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for this venture, representing a significant investment of approximately $1 billion (roughly Rs 8337 crore). Each aircraft, equipped with 12 rotors, will accommodate four passengers along with a pilot, offering a seamless and comfortable flying experience.

Not limited to Delhi, this ambitious project aims to expand its operations to other major cities such as Mumbai and Bengaluru in the initial phase. Talks with regulatory authorities, including the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), are underway to secure the necessary certifications for the aircraft and operational clearance.

In terms of affordability, the air taxi service aims to offer competitive pricing, with estimated fares ranging from Rs 2,000 to 3,000 for the Connaught Place to Gurugram route. Compared to the current cost of around Rs 1500 for a car journey, coupled with the uncertainties of traffic congestion, the air taxi presents a compelling alternative for time-conscious travelers.

Archer Aviation's Chief Commercial Officer, Nikhil Goel, highlighted the efficiency of their electric aircraft, boasting rapid charging capabilities that enable a full charge in just 30-40 minutes. With six battery packs onboard, the aircraft can swiftly recharge, ensuring minimal downtime between flights. The commencement of operations is slated for 2026, with plans to have 200 operational Midnight planes serving commuters across Delhi and beyond.

This venture not only signifies a remarkable leap in aviation technology but also holds the promise of transforming urban mobility, offering commuters a faster, more convenient, and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation.

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