Continental Unveils Innovative Engine for Helicopters


Friedrichshafen, Germany: Continental Aerospace Technologies disrupts the helicopter industry with the introduction of the CD-170R, the world's first diesel engine specifically designed for rotary-wing aircraft. Unveiled at Aero Friedrichschafen, this groundbreaking innovation promises to revolutionize helicopter operations with its unique advantages.

Power Up, Efficiency On:

The CD-170R boasts a powerful 170 horsepower turbocharged engine, delivering exceptional performance without sacrificing efficiency. The innovative direct-drive design eliminates the need for a gearbox, resulting in a significant weight reduction of 37 pounds. This translates to improved payload capacity and enhanced overall performance.

Advanced Technology for Smooth Operations:

Continental equips the CD-170R with the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system, ensuring smooth and reliable engine operation. Additionally, the engine boasts an impressive fuel burn of approximately 7.9 gallons per hour, offering significant cost savings for operators. With an initial Time Between Replacement (TBR) of 1,200 hours, expected to increase with further service experience, the CD-170R ensures long-term reliability and minimal maintenance downtime.

Targeting New Horizons:

Continental anticipates flight schools and owner-pilots to be the primary beneficiaries of the CD-170R's efficiency and affordability. This revolutionary engine opens new possibilities for training and recreational helicopter operations.


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