Singapore Aviation Academy Expands Training Ahead of Singapore Air Show


In preparation for the upcoming Singapore Air Show, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has unveiled plans to bolster aviation training in the country, with a focus on enhancing and enlarging the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA).

Additionally, CAAS has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) to collaborate on aviation safety training and competency development initiatives.

The SAA, renowned for offering over 110 aviation courses and having trained more than 157,000 individuals from across 200 nations, will undergo a thorough review and modernization of its curriculum. Emphasizing aviation safety, sustainability, and innovation, this initiative aims to fortify SAA's stature as a premier civil aviation training institution.

CAAS has appointed three senior executives to lead the SAA's Schools of Aviation Management, Aviation Safety and Security, and Air Traffic Services. Their responsibilities include curriculum revamping, trainer recruitment, and the establishment of new engagement platforms.

Noteworthy additions include a new program on Climate Change and Aviation Sustainability, to be launched in collaboration with Airports Council International World. The School of Aviation Safety and Security will introduce courses on cybersecurity, mental health, runway safety, and safety culture.

Furthermore, the School of Air Traffic Services will introduce programs focusing on emerging operational concepts like Trajectory Based Operations, and update existing programs to cater to the future needs of Changi Airport Terminal Five.

A significant transformation awaits the SAA, with a $120 million investment set to increase training capacity by 20%. This will be complemented by technology-enhanced classrooms and additional networking and informal learning spaces.

Under the MoU with IFALPA, collaboration will extend to the development and delivery of training programs and workshops related to aviation safety, the cultivation of a skilled instructor pool, and the establishment of outreach platforms to promote aviation safety.

Han Kok Juan, CAAS Director-General, emphasized the paramount importance of aviation safety in Singapore's air hub, highlighting efforts to elevate competencies across the board, including among pilots.


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