Guna Airlines Faces Aircraft Auction Threat Amid Financial Struggles


Kathmandu,Nepal: Amid ongoing financial struggles, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has issued a warning to Guna Airlines, urging them to auction their aircraft.

The authority, having seized the bank guarantee two months ago, has cautioned the airline regarding the auction of their aircraft due to outstanding dues amounting to approximately Rs 6 crore, as reported by media sources.

Guna Airlines underwent a financial audit by the Airlines Authority a year ago, following which flight operations were suspended due to non-compliance.

"There's no alternative but to proceed with the confiscation and auctioning of Guna Airlines' flight license. To facilitate this, we are in the process of forming a committee to initiate the necessary actions," stated a CAAN representative.

Guna Airlines currently possesses a fleet of 7 aircraft, including two Witchcraft and five Jetstreams.

The aircraft manufacturing plans of Guna Airlines have been halted, and efforts to update their fleet have stalled. "Given the outstanding dues, we've issued a warning indicating our intent to proceed with auctioning the aircraft," remarked a company official.




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