Nepal Airlines Responds to Controversial Bizmandu Report, Files Complaint


Kathmandu,Nepal: Nepal Airlines, the country's flag carrier, has strongly criticized and expressed grave concerns regarding a recent article published by Bizmandu. The article, which circulated widely on social media, discusses the overseas travels of Nepal Airlines officials under the guise of leasing aircraft, with a publication date of February 15, 2024.

Expressing deep concern, Nepal Airlines has denounced the dissemination of what they deem as misleading information and promotional content detrimental to the corporation's reputation, citing a lack of accuracy. The contentious article can be accessed via the following link of Bizmandu Article.

Nepal Airlines management's decision to secure a loan of half a billion rupees from the Employee Provident Fund and Citizens Investment Trust for the purchase of four large aircraft, coupled with the neglect of repairing grounded planes, allegedly facilitated these overseas trips. Executive Chairman Yuvaraj Adhikari, accused of depleting the company's resources, purportedly arranged a trip to Japan alongside his spouse.

Furthermore, the Chairman reportedly extended a travel package to a Commissioner of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, possibly aiming to influence the outcome of ongoing investigations. Bizmandu asserts that this gesture was made to garner favor with the director and advisor.

The corporation has called upon all media outlets to uphold sincerity and adhere to media ethics prior to publishing potentially misleading information. Additionally, they have confirmed lodging a complaint against Bizmandu with the Press Council Nepal, seeking legal recourse.


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