ICAO Urges Government Support for Aviation Emissions Reduction


Amidst the ongoing World Governments Summit in Dubai, Juan Carlos Salazar, Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), emphasized the critical role of government support in achieving net zero emissions goals within the aviation industry during a panel discussion titled “Aviation and Emissions: Can Governments Find A Balance?”

Organized by the World Governments Summit Organization, the summit serves as a platform to address pressing global challenges and explore innovative solutions through technology and collaboration. Salazar, alongside Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury and moderated by CNN Correspondent Richard Quest, delved into the pivotal role of governmental policies and investments in realizing ambitious emission reduction targets.

Salazar underscored the significance of leveraging innovative aircraft technologies, operational enhancements, and alternative fuels to achieve emission reductions. He highlighted the adoption of the ICAO Global Framework for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and other initiatives aimed at promoting cleaner energy sources, emphasizing the pivotal role of fuels in achieving over half of the necessary emission reductions.

Moreover, Salazar outlined ICAO’s multifaceted efforts to support governments in their emission reduction endeavors, including the development of the ICAO “Finvest Hub” initiative. This platform aims to facilitate access to financial resources and investments, particularly targeting developing countries and states with specific needs in the aviation sector.

Addressing the importance of fostering innovation, Salazar emphasized ICAO’s commitment to adapting its standards and strategic initiatives to align with evolving technological advancements. By engaging with both traditional aviation stakeholders and emerging players from outside the sector, ICAO seeks to drive innovation and accelerate progress towards emission reduction goals.

In closing, Salazar urged governments, industry partners, and stakeholders to actively support these collective efforts aimed at mitigating aviation emissions and fostering sustainable growth within the industry.

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