Karnali Takes Flight: State Government Prepares for Intra-State Air Service by February


Kathmandu,Nepal: In a move aimed at revolutionizing travel and connectivity within its borders, the Karnali state government is partnering with Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) to launch intra-state air services by February 2024. This ambitious project will see domestic flights operating from the capital Birendranagar Surkhet Airport to airports in the state's Himalayan districts, marking a significant leap forward in accessibility and development for the mountainous region.

Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma, who has been instrumental in pushing for this initiative, recently inspected Surkhet Airport alongside key officials to assess its readiness. The state government has pledged its full support, providing policy backing and contributing to necessary infrastructure upgrades, both at Surkhet Airport and potentially other airstrips within Karnali.

This intra-state air service holds immense potential to transform the lives of Karnali's residents. By slashing travel times and bridging the physical gap between remote areas, it promises to unlock new opportunities for economic growth, tourism development, and overall well-being. Easier transportation of goods and services will stimulate economic activity, while increased accessibility is expected to attract tourists and contribute further to the state's coffers. Ultimately, this initiative signifies the Karnali government's commitment to fostering development and improving the quality of life for its people.

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