Nepal: Airport Immigration Chief Assaulted by Police at TIA


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Kathmandu,Nepal: Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) witnessed a shocking turn of events on Friday as Gogan Hamal, the head of the Immigration Office, was assaulted by a policeman stationed at the airport.

The incident reportedly unfolded when Hamal questioned the manhandling of another immigration officer, Chhaya Lal Moktan, by the same policeman. Instead of addressing the concern, the policeman turned his frustration towards Hamal, subjecting him to physical assault as well.

Prem Prasad Dahal, information officer at the Immigration Department, confirmed the incident, stating that both Hamal and Moktan were manhandled by the police. He further elaborated that discussions are currently underway to address the situation.

"The policeman assaulted Officer Chhaya Lal Moktan," Dahal stated. "After that, Chief Hamal was also attacked. Now the same topic is being discussed with the police."

The gravity of the situation has prompted the Immigration Department to officially inform the police headquarters about the assault on their officers. It remains unclear what specific actions will be taken or what led to the initial manhandling of Officer Moktan by the policeman.

This incident raises serious concerns about the conduct of airport security personnel and their engagement with immigration officials. While details surrounding the cause remain unknown, the assault on two senior immigration officers within the airport premises demands swift and transparent investigation and appropriate disciplinary measures.


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