Beyond Private Jets: JetSetGo Embraces Electric Future with Ambitious Fleet Expansion


JetSetGo, a leading Indian private aviation group, is gearing up to revolutionize air mobility in the country through strategic partnerships with Overair and Electra, complementing its recent plans to acquire up to 100 Horizon Cavorite X7 aircraft. Announced at the Wings India trade show in Hyderabad, these agreements will see two innovative aircraft types, the Overair Butterfly eVTOL and Electra's hybrid-electric, blown-lift fixed-wing model, added to JetSetGo's ambitious fleet.

The deal with Overair involves the preliminary purchase of 50 Butterfly models, while JetSetGo will also integrate an undisclosed number of Electra's nine-seater aircraft into its lineup. The initial commitment stands at 150 aircraft from the three manufacturers, valued at $780 million, with potential options that could expand the transaction to 280 aircraft and $1.3 billion.

JetSetGo's CEO, Kanika Tekriwal, expressed enthusiasm about introducing "blown lift" and "fan-in-wing" lift systems, hybrid and electric propulsion, and "super-quiet optimal speed tilt rotors" to India's skies. She emphasized the company's desire to be at the forefront of transforming urban and regional connectivity, highlighting the partnerships and technologies as crucial to achieving this vision.

These strategic alliances align perfectly with JetSetGo's focus on sustainable and advanced air mobility, further contributing to India's evolving and innovative transportation landscape. Overair's Butterfly, slated for commercial entry in 2028, and Electra's hybrid-electric aircraft with exceptional short takeoff and landing capabilities will play crucial roles in shaping the future of air travel in the region.



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