Léman Soars: 10 AW09s Fuel Global Helicopter Rush


Léman Aviation, a Swiss helicopter sales and acquisitions company, has finalized contracts for 10 cutting-edge Leonardo AW09 single-engine helicopters. This significant move marks a major milestone in the global rotorcraft market and signals strong demand for the AW09.

A Rising Star in the Helicopter World

Originally known as the Kopter SH09, the AW09 was rebranded after Leonardo acquired the Kopter program in 2020. The helicopter has since garnered considerable interest worldwide, with 80 preliminary sales contracts confirmed by the end of 2023. Buyers from North and Latin America, Africa, and Asia have contributed to the program's global success.

Léman Aviation: A Strategic Player in the Industry

Founded in 2023 by Nicolas Miras and Vincent Pollet, Léman Aviation specializes in helicopter sales, acquisitions, and various aviation services. The company's strategic expansion includes the acquisition of Alpes Hélicoptères in Annecy, France. This strategic move positions Léman Aviation as a key player in the European helicopter market.

Why the AW09 is Turning Heads

The AW09 boasts several impressive features that make it stand out in its category.

  • Exceptional performance: The composite single-engine helicopter has a seating capacity of up to eight passengers and one pilot, a range of 423 nautical miles, and a top speed of 140 knots.
  • Multirole capabilities: The AW09 is well-suited for various missions, including VIP transport, passenger transport, aerial work, and emergency medical services.
  • EASA certification expected soon: Anticipation is high for the AW09's EASA certification by the end of 2024, paving the way for deliveries to begin.

A Strong Signal for the Future of Helicopters

The Léman Aviation deal is a strong signal for the future of the AW09 and the helicopter market as a whole. The growing demand for this versatile and advanced helicopter demonstrates the industry's continued potential for innovation and growth.

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