"Enstrom Helicopter Announces 2024 Training Classes: Dive into In-Depth Maintenance Insights"


Enstrom Helicopter is gearing up for its 2024 maintenance training classes, offering a unique opportunity for mechanics and pilots. Scheduled from June 2 to 7 and September 23 to 27 for piston-powered helicopters, and June 10 to 14 and September 30 to October 4 for turbines, the five-day courses delve into the intricacies of Enstrom helicopter operations.

Participants in these comprehensive training sessions will focus on various aspects, including inspection procedures, routine maintenance, troubleshooting for airframe and rotor systems, main rotor tracking, and tail rotor balance procedures. The hands-on experience includes the use of display models and specialized tools.

Highlighting its commitment to professional development, Enstrom's maintenance courses come with IA renewal accreditation. Certification options cater to both A&P mechanics and non-mechanics seeking familiarity with Enstrom. Attendees can return for refresher courses at their convenience, and the program allows flexibility, enabling participants to complete the classes at different times.


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