Terrifying Crash: Light Plane Mishap Leaves Ten Injured on Remote Australian Island


In a harrowing incident unfolding on Monday, a scheduled flight turned disastrous as a light plane, carrying ten individuals, flipped and crashed on Lizard Island within the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. The unfortunate event occurred during the aircraft's return to the runway shortly after taking off for Cairns, approximately 1,600 km northwest of Brisbane.

The Cessna 208, operated by Townsville Airlines, encountered engine trouble during ascent, prompting the pilot to initiate a return to Lizard Island. Tragically, the situation escalated, resulting in a rough landing that saw the plane overturned, leaving a trail of debris scattered around the damaged fuselage.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief commissioner Angus Mitchell reported serious injuries among the occupants, emphasizing the severity of the incident. Prompt response and evacuation efforts led to the transportation of all ten individuals to Cairns Hospital, where they are confirmed to be in stable condition, as affirmed by Queensland Health.

Details from the scene revealed the extent of injuries, with reports indicating one person suffering an arm injury and another sustaining a head injury and lacerations. The incident adds to the growing concerns surrounding air safety, prompting authorities to investigate the cause of the engine malfunction and the circumstances leading to the distressing crash on the remote island.

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