"Minister Kirati Urges CAAN to Prioritize Aviation Safety"


Minister Sudan Kirati, overseeing Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, has issued a directive to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), emphasizing compliance with the European Commission's concerns to lift Nepali airlines from the EU's blacklist. This announcement was made during a ceremony marking CAAN's 25th anniversary on Sunday.

Minister Kirati underscored the paramount importance of aviation safety, urging CAAN officials to uphold standards and enhance the country's image through passenger-friendly services. He also disclosed plans for the development of Nijgadh International Airport through a public-private partnership, emphasizing alignment with government policies for tourism promotion.

State Minister for Tourism Sushila Shreepaili Thakuri encouraged CAAN officials to foster partnerships and focus on future planning. The Ministry's Secretary, Dr. Dipak Kalfe, stressed the need for CAAN to meet its targets by diligently implementing annual policies and programs.

During the ceremony, Nepal's first Air Traffic Controller, Narayan Bahadur Singh, was posthumously honored, and Director Raju Shrestha received this year's 'CAAN Service Prize' of Rs 100,000.

CAAN Director General Pradip Adhikari asserted the organization's commitment to ensuring the country's aviation safety. The EU had blacklisted Nepal in 2013, barring Nepali airlines from flying into the EU due to air safety concerns, but ICAO removed Nepal from its Significant Safety Concern list in 2017. The recently released Aviation Safety Report-2020 by CAAN indicated a decreasing air incident rate, attributed to the adoption of modern safety systems and efficiency enhancements in the aviation workforce. [File Photo]

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