Jumla Implements Transparent Ticketing System Following All-Party Consensus


In response to concerns over arbitrary ticket distribution practices, an all-party meeting chaired by Chief District Officer Jayakumar Ghimire in Jumla has reached a consensus to bring transparency and order to the process of issuing air tickets.

Prompted by complaints of irregularities such as airlines distributing tickets without clear procedures, reluctance to establish offices beyond the airport premises, preferential treatment to relatives over the phone, and difficulties for ordinary citizens in obtaining tickets, the meeting was convened to address these issues.

The unanimous decision from the all-party meeting advocates for a transparent ticket distribution system at the airport, ensuring that tickets are allocated to passengers a day in advance. Each airline is expected to collaborate with others to streamline the ticket distribution process, reserving 10 seats for the general public.

Prazia Ghimire highlighted that specific allocations were made for special categories, including 2 seats for individuals with health conditions, 2 for security personnel, and 2 for district administration until the conclusion of the flight. Priority will be given to passengers with urgent travel needs.

To distinguish urgency levels, tickets labeled 'A' are designated for those with immediate requirements, 'B' for individuals with health concerns, and 'C' for government employees. The consensus emphasizes the importance of cooperation from all parties involved in managing the ticketing system.

Gaurinanda Acharya, Head of District Coordination Committee, stressed the need for collective efforts to streamline the flight ticketing system to Jumla, particularly in the initial phase. In this phase, it was agreed that airline offices should be open from 10 am to 4 pm, ensuring accessibility for all passengers, including those requiring special assistance.

Notably, airlines such as Nepal Airlines, Sita, Tara, and Summit Air, which operate flights to Jumla, have experienced a surge in passenger numbers, partly attributed to the reduced availability of flights from Surkhet and Nepalgunj. The new measures aim to create a fair and organized ticketing system, addressing the challenges faced by travelers in Jumla.

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