Lobbying the Tourism Minister to remove VAT on aircraft purchases and air tickets

Tourism cannot be developed by cheating foreigners on tickets

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kiranti, has said that to bring tourists into the country, the VAT on air tickets and double fees for foreigners should be removed. "When the government imposes VAT on air tickets in the name of collecting revenue, it has a direct impact on tourist traffic," he said while speaking at the opening ceremony of Hotel Holiday Inn in Naxal. The double duty to be paid on air flights should be removed immediately.'

He said that the airline companies have been cheating foreign tourists by charging them twice as much as Nepalese tourists on domestic flights and said that it should be removed immediately. "Tourism and hydropower are important for the economic development of the country, but tourism cannot be developed by deceiving foreign guests," he said.

The government had implemented VAT on air tickets through the budget of the current financial year as per the target to increase the revenue. Similarly, he informed that initiatives have been taken to remove the VAT charged by airline companies when purchasing aircraft. "If it costs billions of rupees to buy a single plane, the businessmen have to pay about a billion rupees in VAT on the purchase of a ship," he said, "If tourism in Nepal becomes expensive, businessmen cannot buy new planes, so the proposal has been made to remove VAT to make it easier and cheaper." I am.'

Also, he said that the hotel is a mirror of the culture of the city as well as the country and to provide the corresponding service facilities when foreign guests come. "We have to improve the hotel as well as the conditions and arrangements, so when guests enter the hotel, the face of the country should reflect," he said.

Similarly, in the program, Vice President of Federation of Nepal Industry and Commerce Hemraj Dhakal said that in the present situation, the government should bring in new ships and fly to new destinations through Nepal Airlines in order to bring in tourists to Nepal and advance the country at the pace of economic development. "Now the government has built new airports in Bhairahawa and Pokhara," he said, "Now there should be 2 daily flights from Bhairahawa for foreign employment and bringing in foreign tourists to Pokhara."

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