Grounded plane of Nepal Airlines to be sent to Israel for repair


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The engine of the grounded ship of the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (Nepal Airlines) is going to be sent to Israel for repair. Almost three months after the ship was grounded, the corporation is going to send the ship's engine to Israel tonight for repair. The ship will fly to Israel at 11:30 pm.

According to the corporation's spokesperson Ramesh Paudel, the ship is about to be sent as per the agreement with the MRO company Israel Aerospace Industries for engine repair of the nine-AKX ship of the corporation. He said that the MRO company has given a slot on 18th September and they are going to send a ship for that. 

This ship will return to Kathmandu on 22 September 2023 after repairs. The tender was called on 12 June 2023 with a deadline of 45 days. Accordingly, the corporation has informed that an agreement has been made with the MRO company.

Before the ship was grounded in July, according to the Public Procurement Act and the Corporation's Financial Regulations, the Corporation had given a 45-day deadline and called for an open competition for engine repair including lease. An agreement has been made with Israel Aerospace Industries, an MRO company selected according to the rules, to repair the engine with a lease.

The ship was grounded by keeping four bicycles for ship repair. The Corporation has mentioned that although the means of warning that the ship's engine needs to be repaired are engine health monitoring, voroscope and physical inspection, it was only known after the voroscope that the current engine needs to be repaired.

The corporation has also apologized for the inconvenience caused to the passengers as the ship was grounded due to technical reasons.

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