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What to study after class 12? What subject can you study? What will happen after reading? What are the opportunities? How to choose a topic? What kind of subjects are studied in Nepal? Which subject is suitable to compete in the world market? Shilapatra has started the column 'Destination after Plus Two' to help the students who have passed class 12 about the importance, possibilities, selection etc. of the subject. We expect that this column brought with the purpose of facilitating students and parents will be fruitful. Today we have prepared material about air hostess.
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What is Air Hostage?
In Air Hostess Course, the knowledge required to become an Air Hostess is taught. In this course, from welcoming passengers to what to do in an emergency, how to transmit information is also taught.

What kind of course is this?
This course has been conducted by Air Hostage Training Center registered with the concerned body. Both children can study this course. A girl studying this course is called an Air Hostess while a boy is called a Flight Steward. The training is for three to four months.

What kind of students can read?
- Having studied any subject in 11th and 12th
- Height should be 5 feet 2 inches for girls and 5 feet 6 inches for boys
- 18 to 28 years
- Going swimming for international flights
- No medical operations
- Those who take regular medicine do not get it
- No visible tattoos
- Proficient in English language
Subject to study
- Passenger safety
- Passenger hospitality
- Fire fighting
- Food service
- Dress and makeup
In which areas are there opportunities to work?
- Airlines (Government/Private)
- Airport
- Airport launch
- Ground Hostage
What to do?
- Welcoming passengers
- Providing safety information to passengers
- Overseeing passengers
- Giving weather information
- Health treatment
- Card checking
- Break fast, lunch, dinner survey etc
How much does it cost?
The duration of this course is three to four months. This course costs at least 30 to 35 thousand. Depending on the training institution, the cost may be lower or higher.

Theoretical and practical classes are conducted in air hostess course. A model ship is built at the institute. Everything is taught in that.

Air Hostage Training Centers in Nepal
- Flytech International Private Limited, Putlisadak, Kathmandu
- Air Hostage Training Institute, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu
- Aviation Nepal, Baneshwar, Kathmandu
How much can be earned?
You can earn at least 30-60 thousand monthly in national flights. You can earn at least 150,000 on international flights.

Travel abroad
Not only in Nepal, there is an opportunity to work as a flight attendant in other countries as well. Big shipping companies are taking the hostesses from Nepal. Especially, honest, friendly and patient hostesses are preferred by foreign companies.

Similarly, since the ship goes from one country to another, there is an opportunity to visit different countries.

Attractive and prestigious profession

Nazir Hussain, Managing Director, Flightech International Pvt

Even in Nepal, air hostess has started to be considered as an attractive and prestigious profession. As it is a challenging and glamorous profession, the number of people taking training has increased.

Air Hostage has started to become the choice of students because they can work after three to four months of training. After studying this course, it is easy to go to other fields as well as personality development.

It is not necessary to become a hostess after taking air hostess training. You can work in different areas of the airport. The service of any ship is in the hands of the stewardess who is good or bad.

If a flight attendant misbehaves with a passenger, the airline may be adversely affected, so good air hostess education is essential.

Brand ambassador of the airline
Kamlesh Pandey, Director, Air Hostage Training Institute

An air hostess is no different than an airline brand ambassador. Not just being a plane and a pilot. Air hostesses and flight stewards stay with the passengers in the plane. Air Hostess and Flight Steward are responsible for taking care of all the passengers and making their journey better. Hospitality is the identity of the aircraft from boarding to disembarking.

The task of identifying the aircraft is in the hands of the air hostess and flight steward. Ships are being added day by day. It is a field where you can get a job after four months of training. Good opportunity. Foreign airlines are also demanding Nepali Air Hostage.

Due to Nepali's nature, respect and hospitality style, those companies have given opportunities to Nepali air hostesses and flight stewards, so appropriate education is required for air hostesses and flight stewards.

What kind of interest do you read?
- Likes to travel
- Being able to mingle with people
- One who enjoys nature
- One who enjoys fashion
The fascination of air hostesses
Seeing a ship flying in the sky, who doesn't want to fly? I like to reach Pakhapkhera, Himal, Hills and Takura. Likes to get lost in the clouds. Similarly, the dream of those interested is to become an air hostess. When you see it. Beautiful attractive. a smile sweet speech

Such was the dream of Nisha Sunuwar. Later she trained as an air hostess. Now she is working in Nepal Airlines. Because of good dressing, humble speech, sociability, personality development, air hostess has been chosen by her.

Shilpa Panthi also had a similar dream. Shilpa's dream of becoming an air hostess has been fulfilled since childhood. After training as an air hostess, she is now working in Saurya Airlines. She is sure that she can make her life from this profession. She says that after taking air hostess training, her personality will also develop.

Finally, the government of Nepal is building international level airports in different parts of the country. Along with the construction of the airport, the process of adding new ships is also continuing. International flights are also increasing. Private sector shipping companies are also increasing the number of ships.

There are opportunities to work in Nepal Airlines, Buddha Airlines, Surya Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Tara Airlines, Himalayan Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Thai Airlines, Air China etc. Therefore, experts say that the state should also take special initiatives to produce skilled air hostesses and flight stewards. .



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