Shree Airlines Flight Delayed Due to Passenger Carrying 'Spirit'


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A Shree Airlines flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi was delayed by one and a half hours on Sunday morning after a passenger carrying 'spirit' caused an error indication on the plane.

The incident was triggered by the smell of the chemical, prompting airport management to take immediate action. Airport officials reported that the flight, which had 74 passengers and two children under the age of four, showed an error due to the presence of the spirit.

Spokesman Anil Manandhar explained that the passengers were transferred to another aircraft to allow time for a thorough inspection. "There is a ban on bringing chemical materials on board. However, it is unclear how the spirit was brought on the plane by the passengers," said Manandhar, indicating that an investigation would be conducted.

Despite the alarm, no technical issues were found with the aircraft, identified by the call sign 9N-ANS, which was originally scheduled to depart at 8:30 am. The plane has since been cleared and is prepared for its next flight to a different destination.

"This morning, it was confirmed that the error indication was due to a passenger carrying spirit inside the aircraft.

We tested the plane and found no technical problems. It is now ready to fly to another sector," added Manandhar.

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