Turkish Airlines Resumes Commercial Flights to Tripoli's Mitiga International Airport


Photo by Hamza Turkia / Xinhua

TRIPOLI: After a decade-long hiatus, Turkish Airlines has resumed commercial flights to Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli, Libya. This announcement was made by Libyan Transportation Minister Mohamed al-Shohobi during a press conference.

Al-Shohobi emphasized the significance of Turkish Airlines' return, stating, "The arrival of Turkish Airlines at Mitiga International Airport today sends a strong message to international aviation agencies, affirming the stabilization of Libya's security situation and our commitment to upholding civil aviation safety and security standards."

Encouraging other airlines to follow suit, the minister highlighted the improving security conditions in Libya.

Furthermore, al-Shohobi commended Turkish Airlines as an ideal partner for collaboration, training, maintenance services, and investments.

The resumption of Turkish Airlines' flights marks a significant development following violent conflicts in Tripoli in 2014, which led to the departure of numerous foreign companies and airlines from the country.


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