Nepal Airlines Aircraft Returns to Kathmandu Due to Hydraulics Issue


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Kathmandu,Nepal: A Nepal Airlines aircraft that departed from Kathmandu bound for Doha on Thursday night has made a return to Kathmandu due to hydraulics problems.

Tribhuvan International Airport spokesperson Subhas Jha confirmed that the widebody A-330 aircraft was brought back to Kathmandu due to hydraulics issues.

"The 9N-ALY aircraft has safely landed in Kathmandu, logging a flight distance of 70 nautical miles," reported media sources. The aircraft touched down in Kathmandu at around 3 am.

Jha further stated that another aircraft of the corporation, 9N-ALZ, which arrived in Kathmandu during the night, departed with the passengers from the affected flight.

According to Ramesh Poudel, spokesperson for Nepal Airlines Corporation, the aircraft experiencing hydraulics issues has undergone repairs and is now ready for a flight to Delhi today. "There's no disruption to our international schedule as the alternate aircraft is being readied, and the affected aircraft was promptly repaired," he assured.


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