BB Airways Set to Launch International Flights with Airbus A320 Aircraft

Kathmandu,Nepal: BB Airways is gearing up to introduce international flights utilizing two Airbus A320 aircraft in the initial phase, within the next six months. The airline, which recently obtained the 'No Objection Certificate' (NOC), is making strides in the aircraft procurement process.
Bhawan Bhatta, the former president of the Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) Association, has secured approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to import aircraft, thus expediting the procurement process.
Bhawan Bhatta, the chairman, disclosed that BB Airways has made significant progress in procuring two Airbus A320 series aircraft in the initial phase. "We aim to initiate international flights from Nepal within six months." He also noted that the aircraft procurement process typically spans at least three years from ordering to delivery from manufacturing companies. Consequently, they have initiated the acquisition of aircraft through a secondary company for expedited sale.
BB Airways, having acquired the NOC, is poised to obtain the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) for flight operations subsequent to aircraft acquisition. Following this, BB Airways will join the ranks of three airlines in Nepal operating international flights, alongside Himalayan Airlines and Nepal Airlines Corporation.
The airline plans to allocate approximately 7 billion Nepali Rupees towards acquiring Airbus A320 aircraft and an estimated 10 billion Nepali Rupees in the initial phase, inclusive of leased aircraft. CAAN has granted authorization for the company to import three Airbus A320 aircraft. Bhatta also indicated intentions to procure two aircraft and lease an additional one.
With aspirations to operate international flights utilizing five aircraft, BB Airways has formally petitioned the authority for AOC renewal.
Established in 2068 B.S., BB Airways initiated international flights from Kathmandu on Bhadra 28, 2069 B.S. Initially, they leased Boeing 757-200 aircraft from Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Airlines; however, operations ceased in Kartik. "In the past, there were challenges due to lack of focus. Now, I'm investing to ensure BB Airways flourishes in Nepal," Chairman Bhatta remarked.
BB Airways' AOC was previously suspended due to the inability to sustain flights within the initial three months. Subsequently, the airline reinstated its operating permit from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation two years ago.
Renewing the license involved a modification of the flight type (aircraft) from the initial license. Initially licensed for international flights utilizing Boeing aircraft, BB Airways renewed its license for international airline operations by transitioning to Airbus aircraft.
In tandem with the airline operation permit, BB Airways initiated the process to restore the suspended AOC. Progressing through pre-application, application, and documentation phases, BB Airways' business-financial management plan garnered approval during the documentation phase.
Recently, the company projected equity at 30% and loans at 70%. Following the acquisition of flight permission (AOC) upon aircraft procurement, Chairman Bhatta indicated plans to operate flights to over seven Indian cities from Nepal in the initial phase. Advancements have been made in flying to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and other Indian cities.
"In the initial phase, we'll explore market opportunities in Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries," Chairman Bhatta stated. "Strong Nepali airlines will help reduce airfares for Nepalis and tourists, making travel more affordable," he added.
With aspirations for success in the aviation sector, BB Airways is preparing to transition into a publicly traded airline within a few years by issuing ordinary shares to the public. "We'll eventually offer ordinary shares (IPO), but initially, our focus is on stabilizing flights and building trust," Chairman Bhatta affirmed.
After extensive involvement in various businesses in Japan, Bhatta's group has diversified investments across multiple sectors in Nepal. Notably, they recently divested Dhulikhel Mountain Resort in Kavre. Bhatta has stakes in entities such as Economic Daily, BB Trust, BB Holdings, and United Brewery. Additionally, BB Holdings holds a license for the Tamakoshi-3 project in Dolakha.


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