Shree Air: Wheel burst while landing at Dhangadhi Airport


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 A Shree Airlines plane has escaped a major accident. On Monday night, a problem was noticed in the front wheel of Shree Air flight number ANH 2279 NANS flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi.

Dhangadhi Airport reported that there was a problem on the right side of the nose wheel. The plane of Shree Air landed at Dhangadhi at 7:53 PM 

Ganesh Bahadur Singh, head of Dhangadhi Airport, claimed that even if some people said that the ship's wheels had burst, it was not true. 'It is a lie that the plane's wheel has burst,' said Singh, 'the problem was noticed during the final check of the plane. There is a problem with the wheel on the right side of the nose wheel. The technicians are looking at it.'

However, Nepal Civil Aviation Authority sources have claimed that the wheel came off after landing.
He said that the plane was dragged by the wheels and springs.

The plane was scheduled to stay at Dhangadhi at night. After the plane landed at 8:30, the technicians informed the airport about the condition of the plane, Singh said. Singh said that Shree Air had informed that the aircraft was in an unflyable condition.

He informed that the technical inspection of the plane is going on and the goods for its repair are coming from Kathmandu. "The goods are coming from Kathmandu and then the repairs will be done," he said.

An official of the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority argued that such a problem occurred in the aircraft due to non-scheduled maintenance and that it was due to the weakness of the authority's leadership.

He said, 'This kind of problem has occurred due to lack of regular checks on the planes', he said, 'If the wheel of the plane had been damaged during landing, the plane would have caught fire and it would have caused great damage.'

The team of the European Commission, which is interested in Nepal's air security, is now in Nepal. The EU has put Nepal on the blacklist saying that Nepal has not been able to work on air security.

Even though Director General of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Pradeep Adhikari claims that he has done a lot of work on air safety, such incidents which are detrimental to air safety are being made public on a regular basis.

'Such incidents have been happening because the regular audit authority of the airline company has not been able to do it regularly,' the source said.

He says that airline companies are being negligent when the leadership of people who have no knowledge about air safety ignores such matters.

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