Tribhuvan International Airport to Undergo Daily 8-Hour Closure for Taxiway Expansion


Kathmandu,Nepal: Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is slated for an 8-hour closure each day to facilitate the expansion of its taxiways. As per reports from the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the closure is scheduled from 11 pm to 7 am starting next Mangsir 2081.

Jagannath Niraula, spokesperson for the authority, disclosed that the closure is imperative for taxiway expansion, noting potential disruptions to both domestic and international flight operations.

"We are currently expanding 7 taxiways and need to establish access points to the runway," Niraula stated. "Discussions have been initiated with domestic and international carriers as we anticipate runway closure for approximately 9 months."

In the event of TIA's closure, airlines have the option to reroute flights through alternative airports such as Pokhara and Gautam Budh International Airports.

Airport spokesperson Subas Jha acknowledged the likelihood of closures due to taxiway expansion, citing the significant traffic volume with approximately 100 international and 250 domestic flights currently served by TIA.

Dipendra Shrestha, deputy director of the authority, highlighted compliance requirements with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, stipulating that runways cannot remain open within a 75-meter proximity of excavation sites. This necessitates intermittent closures for safety measures during construction.

"The project involves digging to a depth of 4 meters, potentially encountering water in certain areas. Such excavation and refilling cannot be completed within a 10-hour window," Shrestha explained. "Therefore, occasional closures may become necessary."

The expansion initiative encompasses the construction of 10 new taxiways, with 3 to the east and 7 to the west, augmenting the current infrastructure which includes 1 taxiway on the east side and 5 on the west.

Presently, three key projects are underway as part of TIA's expansion efforts, namely the Hangar Hub and eastward taxiway, parallel taxiway on the west, and northward apron extension, collectively valued at 15 billion rupees.



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