Nepal: TIA Immigration Office Faces Service Delays Due to Staff Shortage


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In recent days, there has been noticeable sluggishness in service provision at the Tribhuvan International Airport Immigration Office. Immigration officials attribute this slowdown to an inadequate workforce. Out of the 121 officers designated to the airport's immigration office, only around 90 are presently on duty.

Gogan Bahadur Hamal, the head of the immigration office at Tribhuvan International Airport, highlights how the staffing shortfall is impacting service quality. He reveals that requests have been made to both the immigration department and the ministry for additional personnel due to the staff shortage.

"When critical services lack adequate personnel, even with some redistribution of employees, service efficiency suffers," Hamal remarks. "We've alerted the ministry and department regarding the urgent need for more immigration officers as per our allocated quota."

Hamal further notes a specific shortage of authorized personnel for passport stamping among the otherwise adequately staffed positions. With nearly 17,000 travelers requiring services daily, manpower shortages pose a significant challenge.

The ministry acknowledges some staff reluctance towards immigration duties. Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha informed the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee on January 28 that certain employees were hesitant to work at the airport immigration office.

"Initially, there was enthusiasm to work there," Minister Shrestha recalled. "But even now, some employees, after being transferred back for the third time, are unwilling to return."

Reports indicate that after some employees were reassigned to the immigration office for the third time, approximately 24 of them were sent back. Concerns were raised about potential involvement in human trafficking under the guise of visit visas.

Subsequently, the Ministry has struggled to fill these vacant positions. Currently, there is an excess of authorized personnel in the Ministry, the National Disaster Management Authority, and the Prison Management Department compared to the allocated quota.

However, the Ministry admits the inadequacy of staff to deliver essential services, emphasizing the need to mitigate conflicts between the Ministry and its departments.


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