Royal Saudi Air Force to Deploy Chinese WING LOONG-10B Drone, American SKY DOME System


In a significant development, the China Export and Import Corporation of Defense has confirmed that the cutting-edge Chinese-made drone, WING LOONG-10B, is set to join the operational ranks of the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). This announcement follows the unveiling of the drone at the prestigious WDS Defense Exhibition held in Riyadh from February 4th to 8th.

According to representatives from the manufacturing company, the WING LOONG-10B drone, along with its counterpart, is already in active service within the Chinese military. The showcase in Riyadh provided a platform to highlight the advanced capabilities of this formidable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), signaling a new era of collaboration between China and Saudi Arabia in defense technology.

Among the array of cutting-edge weaponry displayed alongside the WING LOONG-10B were various munitions specifically designed for deployment with drones. These included air-to-air missiles, laser-guided bombs, anti-ship missiles, and precision-guided small bombs, showcasing the versatility and firepower of China's drone technology.

The WING LOONG-10B, classified as a High-Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) drone, boasts a single turbo-solenoid engine and is equipped with advanced communication and data transmission capabilities, including a highly efficient high-frequency communication antenna and U-VHF data transmission channel. Notably, the strategic placement of the engine's air intake at the rear of the vehicle enhances its aerodynamic efficiency and operational effectiveness.

In a parallel development, Defense Blog reports that FORTEM Technologies, an American defense company specializing in combat systems and counter-autonomous device technology, will supply Saudi Arabia with the innovative SKY DOME unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAS) combat system. Teaming up with the Saudi company INTRA, FORTEM Technologies aims to bolster the RSAF's capabilities in identification, tracking, and neutralization of aerial threats.

The SKY DOME system represents a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard airspace from a diverse range of autonomous threats. Leveraging advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, FORTEM Technologies and INTRA are poised to enhance Saudi Arabia's defense capabilities, ensuring readiness to counter emerging aerial threats effectively.

As the RSAF prepares to integrate the WING LOONG-10B drone and the SKY DOME system into its operational framework, this collaboration underscores the growing significance of unmanned aerial systems in modern warfare. With China and the United States at the forefront of innovation in drone technology, Saudi Arabia stands to benefit from access to state-of-the-art defense solutions, bolstering its position as a formidable force in the region's security landscape.

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