Nepal Airlines Takes Flight with Free Airfare for Cancer Patients


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Kathmandu: In a compassionate move aimed at easing the burden of cancer patients, Nepal Airlines Corporation has announced free air travel on the Kathmandu-Delhi-Kathmandu route. This initiative, launched on World Cancer Day, demonstrates the airline's commitment to social responsibility and aims to support patients seeking vital medical treatment in India.

As explained by spokesperson Ramesh Paudel, the corporation will offer a 100% discount to cancer patients traveling on this route, making their journey financially less stressful. Additionally, a 50% discount will be extended to their attendants, recognizing the importance of support systems during treatment.

"This decision aims to show solidarity in the fight against cancer and aligns with our focus on social responsibility," stated a press release from the corporation. To qualify for the discount, patients will need to submit a doctor's report and a recommendation from the Nepal Cancer Relief Society.

This commendable initiative by Nepal Airlines Corporation offers a glimmer of hope to cancer patients in Nepal, easing their financial burden and facilitating access to potentially life-saving treatment. It sets a positive example for other corporations to follow, demonstrating the power of social responsibility in making a real difference in people's lives.

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