Yeti Flies High: Airline Expands Fleet with 2 New ATRs


Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal's Yeti Airlines is soaring towards growth with the purchase of two ATR 72 aircraft, marking a significant expansion of its fleet and positioning the airline for further market dominance. This strategic move follows the recent entry of Asian Life Insurance as an investor, providing Yeti with the financial backing to fuel its ambition.

The two aircraft, acquired from Nova Air in Bangladesh, will arrive in Nepal in stages, with the first expected to touch down later this week and the second to follow within two weeks. Their arrival will bring Yeti's fleet to a robust seven ATR 72s, solidifying its position as the second-largest player in Nepal's domestic aviation market.

Founded in 1998, Yeti Airlines has built a solid reputation for reliable and efficient service, primarily focusing on easily accessible destinations like Pokhara, Biratnagar, Bhadrapur, Janakpur, Bhairahawa, and Simra. Its sister company, Tara Air, caters to remote mountain regions.

This fleet expansion reflects Yeti's commitment to its "add ships, expand aggressively" strategy. The additional aircraft will allow the airline to cater to increased passenger demand, diversify its route options, and potentially challenge the market leader.

Yeti's investment in expanding its fleet during a crucial economic recovery period demonstrates its confidence in the future of Nepal's domestic aviation sector. This strategic move is poised to strengthen their position in the market and potentially reshape the competitive landscape for years to come. [File Photo]

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