Kathmandu's TIA Welcomes 7 Million Passengers in 10 Months


In the span of 10 months, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu has seen a total of 7.023 million passengers passing through its terminals, according to data released by the Civil Aviation Authority Nepal covering January to October 2023.

Breaking down this figure, the data indicates that 3.679 million passengers utilized the international terminal, while 3.344 million passengers passed through the domestic terminal.

During this period, 1.958 million passengers departed from Kathmandu for international destinations, and 1.72 million passengers arrived in Kathmandu from abroad. Noteworthy is the statistic that 1.668 million passengers entered Kathmandu by land from outer districts, while an equal number, 1.667 million, departed from Kathmandu to outer districts.

TIA recorded a total of 25,674 international flights during this period, comprising 12,837 arrivals and departures. In the domestic sector, there were a total of 78,663 flights and landings, with 39,319 landings and 39,344 flights.

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