In Dolpa, airlines are mandated to reserve two seats per flight for government quota.


Airlines operating in Dolpa are now obligated to reserve two seats per flight for the government quota, as determined in a meeting of the district air service and road transport facilitation held on Mangsir 7.

Chaired by Chief District Officer Tulsi Prasad Dahal, and attended by Shyam Bahadur Rokaya, Chairman of District Coordinating Committee, and Chief Suvarna Kumar Budha of Thulieveri Municipality, the meeting declared that each airline must allocate two seats for the government quota. The decision outlines that if these two seats remain unbooked by 4 pm on the day before the flight, they can be made available to the general public.

Additionally, the meeting mandated that all airlines operating in Dolpa maintain open ticket counters from 6 am to 2 pm and refrain from selling tickets beyond the specified maximum limit.

The decision further stipulates that airlines must publish their Dolpa flight schedules weekly in advance. Nepal Airlines is directed to adhere to its regular flight schedule for Dolpa registered with civil aviation and submit a written request to the relevant authorities for additional flights.

The decision underscores the coordination role of the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority (DOLPA) in ensuring customer-friendly airport operations, arranging security, providing necessary minimum infrastructure, and regulating airline operators.

Furthermore, the meeting decided to collaborate with relevant agencies to facilitate road transport access to the airport terminal, working in conjunction with the municipality. File Photo

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