Nepal Airlines Crowned 'Best National Flag Carrier'


In a ceremony held in Delhi on November 16, 2023, Musafir Media Hub honored Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) with the prestigious title of 'Best National Flag Carrier' for its outstanding performance in India. Despite this accolade, recent reports unveil a significant decline in NAC's market share within the Nepalese aviation industry.

NAC, operating four international flights from Kathmandu to various destinations, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Dubai, has also faced internal challenges. The corporation's management, under Executive Chairman Yuvraj Adhikari, has been criticized for negligence, resulting in a continuous downturn in competitiveness. In 2020, NAC held a 25% market share, but by 2022, it plummeted to 16.56%.

Contributing to this decline were issues with the corporation's narrow-body aircraft, grounded for over 500 days in 2022. Maintenance problems, particularly with two widebody aircraft used for international flights, further hindered operations.

Compounding the challenges is a recurrent issue of flights consistently departing behind schedule. According to NAC's own reports, on-time departure rates fluctuated, with the lowest recorded at 40% in August. Despite being recognized as the 'Best National Flag Carrier,' NAC faces pressing issues that demand strategic intervention for sustained success in the aviation industry. 

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