Festival pressure at the airport: 114 flights set a record


On Tuesday, Tribhuvan International Airport saw the highest number of flights and landings. This is also a new record in the traffic of the airport. 

On that day, 114 flights and landings took place from the airport. Airport chief Pratap Tiwari said that this is the highest number of flights and landings in the history of Tribhuvan Airport in one day.

According to the airport office, there are around 90 to 100 daily two-way flights from the airport. Tiwari said that the pressure on domestic flights has also increased in recent days. 

Tiwari, the head of the airport, said that many improvements have been made at the airport. According to Tiwari, the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is also continuously improving after the Corona epidemic.

"A lot of improvements are being made in ATC after Corona. Also, it was time for Dasain Tihar. Various airlines are also adding flights. Due to the beginning of the tourist season, the pressure on flights and landings at the airport has increased," Tiwari said. 

The pressure at the airport has also increased due to the fact that Nepalis who have gone abroad are returning home to celebrate Dasain Tihar. The airport's 'peak time' for international flights is 8 pm to 11 am and 8 am to 11 am. 

Tiwari said that due to domestic flights, the flight-landing rate is the same even during June. "Tribhuvan Airport has the capacity to make international flights take off and land within 4 minutes," Tiwari said.

Chief Tiwari says that while giving the flight schedule to the airport airline company, it is given by looking at the terminal, counter, parking capacity, traffic demand, ATC capacity. Now, after defeating all these aspects, international flight companies are being given permission to take off and land every 10 minutes.

At Tribhuvan Airport, 30 airlines, including three Nepali companies, are operating international flights. Similarly, 20 airline companies, including 12 helicopter companies, are operating domestic flights. File Photo


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