200 more Nepalis willing to return home from Israel


200 more Nepalese who are in conflict-affected Israel have expressed their desire to return to their country. 200 more Nepalis have applied while the Nepali Embassy in Israel is collecting the details of Nepalis who want to return to their country. 

Only on Friday, 254 Nepali people were brought to Kathmandu by rescue flight. The Nepali Embassy in Israel has said that apart from those who returned to Nepal, 200 more people have applied to return to their country. 

Similarly, the process of sending the bodies of 10 Nepalis who were killed in an attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas to Nepal has also started, according to the embassy. It was seen that it would take time to bring the bodies of the killed Nepalis to Nepal after Israel said that they should complete the procedures for handing over the dead bodies. 

The Nepali Embassy in Israel has informed that 1 person who was discharged 2 days ago was sent to Nepal out of the 4 people who were injured in the attack by the Hamas group. Another 1 person is in the process of being discharged and 2 people are undergoing treatment, the embassy said. 

According to the embassy, ​​officials of high-level bodies in Israel have been requested again to speed up the search for 1 person who has no contact. According to the embassy, ​​the search operation has been intensified by using all possible means, including the police and hospital. 

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