The Shree Airlines flight from Dhangadhi returned to Kathmandu after flying 50 miles


Shree Airlines, which flew from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi due to a technical problem, has returned to Kathmandu by midway.

According to the spokesperson of Tribhuvan International Airport, Teknath Sitaula, Dash 8 9-80 of the Kathmandu-Dhangadhi flight took off from the airport and reached 50 miles after the pilot got a signal that the pressurization system of the plane was broken, and the plane returned to Kathmandu and landed safely. There were 72 passengers on board.
"The ship that flew to Dhangadhi in the morning, due to a problem with the pressurization (the system that balances the oxygen level when the ship goes to high altitude), the ship was returned to Kathmandu after flying 50 miles. The passengers of the ship were taken to their destination by another flight at 10:30 am."
According to the airport, the plane that took off from Kathmandu Airport at 8:30 am for Dhangadhi was turned back midway after the pressurization system did not work.
Anil Manandhar, manager of Shree Airlines, said that after some technical repairs on the aircraft, it has been put into operation. 

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